Monday, 5 March 2012

Windows 8, Love it or Hate it? 

So as many of you may know Microsofts new venture Windows 8 is due to release later this year & has been getting some mixed reviews across the board some people love it others hate it I guess you could call it Microsoft Marmite, Haha.

All joking aside there are some pretty serious issues that Microsoft will need to tackle in order to make Windows 8 a success.

On there is an article written by Matt Ryan Titled "13 Things Microsoft Should Improve in Windows 8".

Microsoft is obviously taking a big risk in that of Windows 8 as they are changing the UI completely, when I first booted up Windows 8 when it was still in the Developer Preview Stages I hated it, Yes hated it.  It was far too different & almost did not feel at all like Windows, to put it simply it felt Alien but after a while of  non biased use I began to like some of the pretty neat features of Windows 8 & began to get  annoyed by others but is not the point right now.

The main point is that Windows 8 is good but it needs some work, as outlined in the article on locker here:

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