Sunday, 29 January 2012


I have recently taken an interest in photography & my friend has asked if I would like to go hiking with him so naturally spotting this opportunity I said yes.

We will have to wait as it is freezing in Scotland right now (Literally it was 0 Degrees Centigrade today)
But  I will be posting photos I take here unless I can get around to building a site with a Photo Library to organise them.

 However I did get a chance to test out this absolute BEAST of a camera today:   

The first one is slightly better than the second however I am a newbie so I will get better!
First Blog

Hey Everybody, This is my first blog. Not really sure about why someone would use one rather than just use Facebook or something but I am willing to give it a go, hopefully I will be able to get a site up and running sometime in that case I shall be leaving this and moving to my site which will have a blog built in.